Life in


The heart of American Culture

A Quick Review

If you’ve never been to Kentucky and don’t know anyone who lives there, you may be wondering what it’s like to live there. Your first impression might be living on a farm and singing “My Old Kentucky Home” every weekend after a hard week’s work. But Kentucky is much more than farming, it has evolved into a state with many cultures and suburban living.

Working in Kentucky

Jobs in Kentucky are about the same as any other city. As cities and towns grow, more jobs are available at retail establishments, restaurants, service industries, offices, and small business manufacturing. Retail salespersons and cashiers rank very high on the job availability list followed by laborers and material handlers, food preparers and servers, nurses and medical staff, assemblers, and truck drivers.

Family Life in Kentucky

Reviewing the data obtained from a Louisville divorce attorney shows that the divorce rate in Kentucky remains over 50 percent; however, that doesn’t mean that family life does not exist there. Family life is about being married, raising children, and being together at family events. Throughout Kentucky you’ll find beautiful parks, family-oriented festivals, museums, summer fun activities, and much more to share and enjoy with your entire family.

Major Attractions in Kentucky

Kentucky is not as secluded as some people come to believe. Top attractions in Kentucky include the Louisville Mega Caverns, the Kentucky Derby and thoroughbred horse racing, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Daniel Boone National Forest, Mammoth Cave National Park, and Kentucky bourbon distillery tours. There are countless off-the-beaten-path locations to discover as well.

Welcome to Kentucky

Kentucky is the heart of America. You can’t be more American than the people in Kentucky. If you’re thinking of moving to Kentucky, you’ll find life to be very pleasant and peaceful in most areas with lots of small-town feel. If you’re still not retired, jobs are growing rapidly in the Louisville area with more jobs just across the river in Indiana.